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Converting your attic

It can be hard to find the space to store all of the items that we need, so it's important to make the most of all the space in your house. If you have a dusty loft or attic with a collection of messy boxes, sometimes the answer can be to convert the attic into a proper storage area with lighting and storage cabinets for the items that you really need. You might be surprised what you find lurking up there when you actually clean it up and organise the area properly! Read on to learn more about attic conversions.

Converting your attic

The Role Of Surveying In Construction Planning & It's Importance

by Guillermo Caballero

Whether you're building domestic, commercial or civil property, the planning process is key. It is during planning that the entire construction process is detailed from start to finish. One of the most important aspects of this planning process is surveying. Licensed surveyors play a pivotal role in providing crucial topographical and technological data to architects and contractors during the process. This data helps ensure that construction projects are carried out in time and in the right way. Read on to learn more.

Mapping & identifying the construction site

Before a build can commence, the contractor and the architects must understand the site where the construction process is to take place. Surveyors help to map large pieces of land and identify exact points and boundaries of construction sites. This includes detailing the size and dimensions of the site. This helps avoid legal disputes later on. Most importantly, understanding the worksite helps the construction team to understand their work site and start planning where and how to construct.

Understanding the characteristics of the construction site

After mapping, the surveying team digs deeper to help the construction team better understand what they are up against. First, they map out the lay of the land, plotting the physical features located on it – man made and naturally occurring. This helps to plan for environmental conservation and site clearing. They also take out soil samples to understand the structure, drainage and any potential pollution beneath the surface. This helps to plan for land reclamation, excavation and soil stabilization processes, where required. The surveying process also helps identify any underground utilities e.g. water, sewerage and gas. All this helps the contractors and the architects to understand how to tackle the construction, expected time frames and the materials and machinery required.

Preparing the layout of the construction

Once the construction team understands what lies above and below ground, the architects start to develop the build blueprints. Surveyors help in this process by proving exact measurements and dimensions of various points and structures. This ensures that the data used for the construction is accurate and up-to-date.

Site preparation

During site preparation, surveyors help the contractors to achieve the right leveling and grade objectives. Through specialized leveling and measuring equipment, they ensure the excavation and grading processes meet the architectural blueprints. This entails use of lasers to ensure even ground and correct slopes. This ensures proper drainage and structural stability once the construction process kicks off.

Irrefutably, surveyors, like those at Transit Technical Services, are crucial for construction processes. Their input helps constructors to understand the project better and to come up with solutions even before the build commences. Overall, their ease the planning process by saving you time, money and reducing risk.